The purpose

Building highly customized machines requires two indispensable skills: great understanding of customer requirements and a solid knowledge of classical mechanics. These two aspects are the foundations of proper preliminary analysis, which, through careful and painstaking design, leads to a job well done.

Synchromech has in attention to customer needs and knowledge of mechanics and of its foundations, solid bases that have already enabled it to achieve great results and on which Synchromech continues to build its history, in the knowledge that automation of industrial processes is the key to progress.


The Synchromech method

Our mechanical construction spans a wide range of sectors, from industrial manufacturing to automation, from pharmaceutical to food industry. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we are committed to delivering optimal results, delivering high quality machines, supporting you with:

  • Site survey and information acquisition
  • Feasibility study
  • Advance design
  • Development with 3D software
  • FEM analysis
  • Material and supplier research
  • Execution of construction, assembly and exploded views drawings
  • Drafting of bills of supply
  • Factory Acceptance Test for on-site machine validation
  • Site Acceptance Test post installation at the customer
  • Post-project support and consulting.

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