We are a team of professionists driven by the passion for mechanical design. Born in Sassuolo, our story begins from the vision of Massimiliano Colella, General Manager, and the experience of Marco Cortese, Project Engineer. Originally as mechanical design studio, today we offer ourselves as the unique partner for your company. We can manage the entire process, from the design and prototyping to the manufacture and installation of industrial machinery. We do not limit ourselves to design; we are your partner for the entire production cycle.


Our Vision

Synchromech stands for excellence in the design and construction of automatic machines and complex systems. Specialised in the realisation of integrated systems with collaborative robots, thanks to our highly qualified team, we commit ourselves to build precision mechanical projects, mechanical component design and cutting-edge mechanical design solutions. What sets us apart is our passion for innovation.

We collaborate with local companies to develop tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs. Our expertise ranges from the design of mechanical components to the construction of complex plants, guaranteeing reliable and high-quality results.

If you are looking for experienced partners in the design and construction of automatic machines, collaborative robotic systems, and high-quality mechanical engineering solutions, then Synchromech is your answer.

We are constantly working to exceed our customers’ expectations, guaranteeing reliable and cutting-edge products, always in sync with technological evolution.

Are you interested in our reality?