The purpose

Before the prototyping and realisation of the systems, one of the fundamental steps in the production cycle is the mechanical design. Synchromech excels in the design of automatic machines, robot islands, end-of-line plants, handling and transport systems, either starting from scratch, with a ‘blank sheet,’ or through integrations on existing plants.

Thanks to the founding partners’ know-how, accumulated over years of experience and in various industrial sectors, Synchromech is able to collaborate with and assist companies wishing to innovate and introduce new products to the market. Mechanical design represents one of the crucial parts of our service, ensuring that each plant is designed and manufactured with the highest precision and efficiency.



The Synchromech method

Our mechanical design and construction extends to a wide range of sectors, from industrial production to automation, from pharmaceutical to the food industry. Regardless of the complexity of the project, we are committed to providing optimal results, delivering on-time and high quality projects. How can we support you?

  • Site survey and information acquisition;

  • Feasibility study;

  • Pre-project;

  • Development with 3D software;

  • FEM analysis;

  • Material and supplier search; 

  • Execution of construction, assembly and exploded-view drawings;

  • Preparation of bills of materials;

  • Post-project assistance and consulting.


Interested in our Mechanical Design services?

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